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  • Damola Ayegbayo Digital Print Celebrate Life 12

    Art Prints

  • Naledi Modupi Illustration S - 12x15inch / Black Choose Happiness


  • Harry Odunze Photography S - 12x15inch / Black Foresight


  • Natasha Kudita Abstract Upenyu


  • Art for Businesses

    Commercial Spaces, Buildings and Offices


    Ivhu provides expertly-curated and beautifully framed artwork for hotels, restaurants, bars, offices, and commercial spaces. Inclusivity in interior design and decor are crucial elements of a successful commercial space, one that is reflective of the demographic and locality of your staff, clients and patrons. This is why we specialise in providing contemporary artwork that is influenced by black and african culture. 

    Your choice of Artwork and Frames will make the difference between a good interior design scheme and a seriously cool one. Thinking about your audience is just as important for framing in commercial spaces as it is for a piece that is put together for the tastes of an individual.

     At Ivhu we provide a commercial art consultancy service, and can work with you to design and supply a scheme that is reflective of the sort of people that are going to be using the space and the style and tone of artwork they are most likely to respond well to.

     We work with a global community of artists who are available for commission work for unique and inspiring pieces.

    Contact us below to find out how Ivhu can transform your commercial space: